Top 10 Best DNA Testing Kits & Companies for 2022 – Trace Your Ancestry and Heritage

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a group of molecules, responsible for carrying and transferring hereditary traits or genetic information from parents to their offspring. Almost every cell of a multicellular organism contains the complete set of DNA required for that organism. ancestry dna kit

Top 10 Best DNA Testing Kits

The kit consists of a simple cheek swab (no blood or sputum required) and takes only 2 minutes to use. Then, mail the sample to the MyHeritage DNA lab for analysis and in 3-4 weeks, you’ll be invited to view your results online, ( why we test dna the main reason ? ) If a person has a disease in his genes and which can be transmitted to his children, then it is checked by DNA test. Detection of disease in the fetus. To screen for genetic diseases in adults before they develop disease symptoms. To test people who are showing symptoms of the dna test kit

What does a DNA test reveal ?

If there has been an accident/murder at a place, then it can be ascertained from the biological parts present there such as nails, blood, hair, sputum, urine or semen whether that person was present there or not. Through DNA test, it can be found out whether any genetic disease will be passed from parent to child. that is call dna check .ancestry dna test

Top 10 Best DNA Testing Kits 2022


MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage DNA

97 reviewsExceptional9.9

  • Best forExploring your genetic ethnicity and ancestry
  • Price per kit$49
  • Results in3-4

The MyHeritage DNA test reveals your genetic origins across 2,114 regions of the world. Three to four weeks after sending in a swab of your cheek, you will receive a report which includes: cri genetics dna test

Origins: Where in the world your ancestors came from, across 2,114 geographic regions. 

Relatives: Your genetic “matches”—people who share DNA with you. Matches are reported with the percentage of DNA they share with you and their likely level of relationship to you: first cousin, second cousin, etc. the dna company reviews



53 reviewsExcellent9.6

Ancestry Best DNA Testing Kits

The largest database of usersRead AncestryDNA ReviewVisit Site

  • Best forLearning ethnic origins and researching ancestors
  • Price per kit$99
  • Results inUp to 8

The AncestryDNA test uses a saliva sample to test autosomal DNA for your ethnic and familial roots. The report included with the kit purchase includes:

Ethnicity estimates: A breakdown of your ethnicity across 1,500 global regions. 

Relatives: A list of DNA matches will show your degree of relatedness. From this list, you will be able to message relatives and see which ethnicities you share. 

ThruLines: If you opt to share your DNA results and family tree with your matches, ThruLines shows you likely common ancestors and allows you to add new branches to your family tree.    

In order to connect with the billions of historical records in the Ancestry database, you will need to upgrade to one of Ancestry’s three paid subscriptions.


Living DNA

50 reviewsVery Good8.7

LivingDNA Best DNA Testing Kits

Excellent level of detail for some regionsRead Living DNA ReviewVisit Site

  • Best forSubregional data
  • Price per kit$99
  • Results in6-8

LivingDNA is a great choice if you’d like to explore a deep level of detail of your geographic ancestry, especially if your DNA originates from the British Isles, Europe, or Africa. The LivingDNA test uses a cheek swab sample to provide recent ancestry, DNA matching to find relatives, and extended ancestry to gain insight into ancient migration patterns.

The separate Wellbeing test kit provides insight into aspects of your health that are influenced by your specific genetic makeup, including vitamin response,  food metabolism, nutrition advice, and exercise tips. The Wellbeing test does not measure your risk of developing hereditary diseases.



10 reviewsVery Good8.6

LetsGetChecked Best DNA Testing Kits

At-home testing for medical conditionsRead LetsGetChecked ReviewVisit Site

  • Best forMedical tests
  • Price per kit$69-249
  • Results in2-5

LetsGetChecked doesn’t do DNA testing. Instead, the company offers at-home health screening kits for those who prefer not to visit a doctor to obtain a test order. There are dozens of health tests to choose from, including kidney and liver tests, cholesterol tests, hormone and fertility tests, and STD screenings.

The fact that customers can be tested for everything from thyroid conditions to hepatitis, HPV, and vitamin D deficiencies without going to a doctor makes it an attractive option for those without insurance or who are dealing with sensitive or confidential topics. Their team of medical professionals approve every diagnosis and can even prescribe medications.


Futura Genetics

10 reviewsVery Good8.5

Futura Genetics Best DNA Testing Kits

Cutting-edge glimpse into your future healthRead Futura Genetics ReviewVisit Site

  • Best forUnderstanding your genetic risk of disease
  • Price per kit$375
  • Results in4

Futura Genetics harnesses the latest in cutting-edge DNA science to give you detailed insights into your health. The company’s team of scientists perform advanced DNA tests to determine your relative genetic risk of developing 28 of the most commonly occurring diseases.

Based on studies of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), scientists zero in on genetic markers for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, lung cancer, type 1 and 2 diabetes, and provide individualized reports that detail your level of risk and the steps you can take to improve your chances of staying healthy.


GPS Origins

19 reviewsGood8.4

GPS origins Best DNA Testing Kits of 2022

Precision geographic mapping of your rootsRead GPS Origins ReviewVisit Site

  • Best forMapping out your roots
  • Price per kit$199
  • Results in4-6

GPS Origins touts its tests’ ability to map DNA and family histories in more than 900 unique geographic regions across the globe. This is more than most companies promise, though with GPS Origins the price is also somewhat higher. 

The DNA origins test checks DNA to find the specific migration paths of one’s gene pool by looking at hundreds of thousands of autosomal markers.

In addition, the test results are very easy to read across a series of color-coded maps, as well as reading material that is included with the results. 

It’s worthwhile to note that GPS Origins is now owned and distributed by HomeDNA



No reviews yetVery Good8.7

23andme Best DNA Testing Kits

Your history—and health—all in oneRead 23andMe ReviewComing Soon

  • Best forAncient roots
  • Price per kit$79 + $9.95 Shipping
  • Results in3-4

The 23andMe user experience is smooth and easy to follow, with excellent customer service options. There are various offerings throughout the process, giving you control of the reports you receive and the level of sharing you’ll allow. The baseline Ancestry+Traits Service gives you a breakdown of your global ancestry—including fun information on Neanderthal and haplogroups. 

If you upgrade to Health+Ancestry Service, you’ll also receive useful information about your genetic risk of certain hereditary diseases. You can choose to keep your information completely private, or you can opt into the DNA Relatives tool, which enables you to connect with other users and to find any distant or close relatives on the platform. 

It’s important to note that 23andMe does not provide genealogy research services offered by the other leading test companies like MyHeritage and Ancestry. But if you’re looking for insight into ancient roots and/or health information, 23andMe is a great option.



No reviews yetVery Good8.5

Wide variety of DNA test kit typesRead HomeDNA ReviewVisit Site

  • Best forDNA test-taking enthusiasts of all kinds
  • Price per kit$69 to $199
  • Results in6

HomeDNA is an at-home DNA test kit provider that offers a large variety of test kit products. The company’s GPS Origins series are comprehensive tests that provide detailed results that can determine your ancestral origin down to a single city, town, or region. Other, more affordable test kits provide broader results, emphasize specific health-related genetic factors, or are designed for pets. buy reasons to avoid specifications line pros cons care features how it works autosomal dna test free dna test kit

Regardless of the DNA test kit you use, HomeDNA allows you to download your raw data free of charge. You will receive your results after 6 weeks (within 2 days for paternity tests), and all your data will be permanently stored online in a secure fashion. With affordable pricing, a thorough FAQ, and multiple support channels, HomeDNA’s tests are easy to purchase, use, and interpret. privacy policy customer care features home dna test



No reviews yetVery Good8.5

Vitagene Best DNA Testing Kits

Health and wellness tips based on your DNARead Vitagene ReviewComing Soon

  • Best forPersonalized wellness tips
  • Price per kit$99-$139
  • Results in4-6

Vitagene is a wellness-focused company providing a range of health tests. Their DNA testing service is focused on giving customers useful tips for improving their health based on their individual genetic makeup. What’s unique about Vitagene is that their recommendations are tailored to your DNA as well as to the lifestyle factors you report yourself. 

If you’re interested in getting advice on diet, supplementation, and exercise, Vitagene is a solid option. Although they offer ancestry services, this is not the main focus of their work. They don’t publish the size of their DNA database, so ancestry details are unlikely to be as detailed as with bigger companies. Unlike other companies that provide health reports, Vitagene does not provide risk reports for inherited diseases.



No reviews yetGood8.0

EasyDNA Test

Wide range of DNA tests with fast processingRead EasyDNA ReviewComing Soon

  • Best forTesting any DNA sample
  • Price per kit$80-$1,295
  • Results in3-5

EasyDNA offers a wide range of DNA tests for paternity, ancestry, health, pets, and more. The company offers free delivery and results within 3-5 days of receiving your sample. EasyDNA results are simple to interpret, but you do not get access to your raw sequence data. Relative to competitors, most EasyDNA tests are affordably priced.

EasyDNA particularly stands out for its ability to test non-standard DNA samples. Most test kits require an oral swab, but you can also send in a hair sample or cremated remains. In addition, EasyDNA offers a DNA storage service so you can preserve samples for future testing. EasyDNA only works with accredited laboratories.

How Do I Use the Kit?

If you use a home DNA testing kit, you’ll find all the instructions included. Several companies will send a sterile tube to collect your saliva sample. It can be awkward to get enough spit for the test purposes. Other companies send a cheek swab that you rub against the inside of your cheek to get a sample of cells from there.

Once you’ve collected your DNA sample, you’ll seal it into the sterile package and use the included mailing package to send it back to the company. It usually takes a few weeks to get the results, but the time frame varies; it can be anything from 4 to 12 weeks. 

When your results are ready, you’ll typically get an email inviting you to view the results online. Ancestry DNA companies have a dashboard that lets you explore your result

Types of DNA Tests 

A DNA sample can reveal many different pieces of information, depending on the type of test. These insights can range from ancestral roots to biological parents and  health predispositions. Here’s a look at some of the more popular tests than can be run on your DNA:  

Paternity tests are used to confirm who is the father of a baby, child, or adult.

Genealogy or ancestry tests are used by genealogists to determine ancestral ethnicity and relationships.

Health tests can determine how your body works, as in the case of metabolism and processing vitamins and nutrients, to what risks are at play in developing common diseases. 

Gene therapy DNA testing is most commonly used for parents before they try to conceive or for fetuses to check for inheritable genetic conditions, or if an embryo is carrying any birth defects.

Forensic DNA tests are used by police at crime scenes in order to identify victims or find criminals after certain crimes.

Which DNA test is most accurate

The aptly named AncestryDNA test stood out as the best DNA testing kit because it presents test results in a clearer manner than other services and places the ancestry information it provides in a useful historical context.

facts and questions

Which DNA test kit is most accurate?

The aptly named AncestryDNA test stood out as the best DNA testing kit because it presents test results in a clearer manner than other services and places the ancestry information it provides in a useful historical context.

What is the safest DNA testing company?

The Best DNA Testing Kit
Our pick. AncestryDNA. A DNA test kit that’s great for tracing your roots and finding relatives. …
Runner-up. 23andMe. A more polished interface, with results for maternal and paternal heritage. …
Upgrade pick. FamilyTreeDNA. A data trove for genealogists with a bigger budget.

Is 23andMe or AncestryDNA better?

Health Screening. AncestryDNA and 23andMe are both excellent DNA testing services, but they have different focuses. The former is a good choice if you’re building a family tree, but the latter has robust health-testing capabilities, and rich reports on maternal/paternal lines and Neanderthal ancestry

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