Government of India Announcmet: 348 Mobile Apps Banned

The Government of India has blocked 348 apps for allegedly collecting the user information and transmitting those information to servers outside of the country in an unauthorised manner. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Minister of State (MoS) for Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) has been informed to the Parliament.

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Responding to a question in Lok Sabha, Chandrasekhar said, the “Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has identified about 348 applications which were collecting the users’ information and transmitting these information in an unauthorised manner to the various servers located at outside the country for profiling”

The Profiling refers to the information collected by companies could explicitly identify a user. Termed as “Digital Representation” of a person, user profiles are to be generally criticised in encroaching upon the person’s privacy for sake of offering tailored ad services.

According to MoS, these apps were developed in ‘various countries including China’.

Based on multiple requests from MHA, the apps were blocked by MeitY. Elaborating on reasons, the minister said that such data transmissions were infringes on sovereignty, integrity, defence of the country and security of the state.

Under the Information Technology Act, 2000 the government has banned 320 Chinese apps. in interest of sovereignty, defence , integrity and security of the state. This move is a part of larger crackdown on the apps that are thought to be originated in China or some Chinese connection.

Last month, Chandrasekhar has informed to the Rajya Sabha that some of banned Chinese apps are re-listing on app market places in the newformats either by rebranding themselves or by using with similar names.

He said that MeitY had been shared all such reports talking about there entry of the banned Chinese apps in Indian market with MHA for examination.

In addition, last week in India, the popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was removed from the Google Play and Apple Store.It was later reported that access was blocked over company’s links to China. On localisation of customer data, the bans enforce the government’s stance.

How to Continue using the banned Apps in India?

Yes, now you can continue with using banned apps in India. There are some ways to continue using them.

Use a VPN to continue using the banned apps in India.

VPN Hides your IP Address

Your IP Address will plays a role as your unique identification. A VPN, however hides your IP address as you connect with server which is located in other locations. so that real “you” will be well protected from the monitored or tracked.

VPN Breaks Any Local Restrictions

All the content on Internet is not equally shared by the world. When some websites or networks are forbidden, a VPN can Help. Witha VPN connection with the another local server, you can bypass all the restrictions to reach the content which is forbidden in your real locations.

3. VPN Protects your online security and privacy

What are advantages of using VPN

  1. Secure your network
  2. Hide your private Information
  3. Get Access to geo-blocked services
  4. Network Scalability
  5. Reduce support Costs
  6. Prevent Data Throttling
  7. Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many apps are there in India?

Ans: Today, There are over 7 Million apps are available across iOS and Android extending to every app and the game genre and niche.

Q. Which country Produce more apps?

Ans: The United States accounted for 33.5% of all app releases in combined iOS and Android market. coming in second was China, which had a release share of 15.9 percent.

Q. Can we use banned apps?

Ans: The people who are using the banned Chinese apps were illegally can face legal consequences, but the government has cleared the air, saying there is no penalty or punishment to such individuals.

Q. Which is the most used app in India 2022?

Ans: The most used app in India 2022 is Whatsapp.

Q. Which is the most popular app in 2022?

Ans: The most popular app in 2022 is Instagram.

Q. Which is the No.1 app in India?

Ans: 1. Instagram 2. Facebook 3. Whatsapp 4. Snapchat 5. Twitter

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