Tesla Made World First Flying Bike | Elon Musk Crazy Idea

Tesla Made World First Flying Bike | Elon Musk Crazy Idea

Tesla Made World First Flying Bike Elon Musk Crazy Idea

Friends, these days the world has become digital, all kinds of digital things have come, and the world is going to become a superpower soon. Someone would have thought a year ago that the world would become digital, 100 year ago, people used to get lost in me, the magic of society, which seemed like magic to them. But in today's world, it is really happening human beings are flying And this is a small thing that the human being is hoodwinking in it. In today's world, people's thinking has reached very far. And with this, I am going to tell you about a sock that has changed the world. Those who have become the richest in the world, yes, friends are talking about Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, Tesla, and many other big companies. 

Friends, Elon Musk recently announced the world's first flying bike. In the picture, you will see that the bike is going to be something like this, which you have not seen before, this is the future bike that will come into the sky and will also run on the ground.

and the name of this bike is SXR5801 the Superbike

From this we can also say the future bike You can see the shape of this bike, it has a round shape and it is made like a rocket from a pitch, it comes with a big headlight, which is also found in a normal bike. And it also has 2 wings on its side which also fold when it falls on the ground it closes its wings and when it opens in the sky it opens a seat And behind this powerful horsepower engine is found, it is enough to fly a plane. Inside it, you get a string wheel to handle and control it which is going to happen in a future bike which is looking very nice to see.

what could this really be? 

Friends, all the things he tells you are not true for now. Friends, all this is for the future, it is not possible today, but everything will happen in the future. But all this will definitely happen in the future, this is a matter so guys that's all in this post.

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