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Let's say that you win the odd or even of the naked and have to choose the center forward of your team. With Adriano Emperor and Harry Kane on hand, who would you prefer? The discussion gave rise to talk on social networks in recent days,

 and UOL Esporte presents the numbers of each of them below. Adriano recently said that "he is not retired", but he has not played professionally since 2016. Between clubs and national teams, he scored 207 goals and won 11 national titles, 

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in addition to cups with the Brazilian team. He was the top scorer in the Brasileirão and in one edition of the Copa América. ADVERTISEMENT Harry Kane, in turn, has already scored 303 goals as a professional and is six away from becoming the top scorer in history Understand why Harry Kane x Adriano became the sports debate of the week

I am Marcus Rashford, 23 years old, a black male from Withington and Wythenshawe, south of Manchester. If I don't have anything else, I have this." Rashford ended his emotional text on social networks with the excerpt above, but he is the one who sums up the feeling of the Manchester United striker and the English national team (see the translation of the full text below).

Victim of racist attacks after missing one of England's penalties in the Euro Cup final, the player expressed himself on social media and regretted his mistake on the field. But he insisted that he would never regret his origins. "I can get criticism of my performance all day, my penalty wasn't good enough, I should have gone in, but I will never apologize for being who I am and where I came from," he said.

Rashford makes the cover of Time magazine in an article written by Lewis Hamilton: "Inspirational" Rashford leads the campaign for feeding children during the pandemic Rashford made no direct mention of the attacks suffered. Racist posts appeared in comments on the attacker's profile on social media. In addition, a player's mural in Manchester was vandalized with discriminatory messages. The 23-year-old player preferred to express his feelings. And the pride of being who you are.

The messages I received today were positively impressive and seeing the response on Withington (on his wall) brought me to the brink of tears. The communities that have always wrapped their arms around me continue to hold me,” wrote the attacker. Southgate exempts Saka and takes the blame for a penalty shootout Harry Kane: "Penalties are the most unpleasant way to lose in the world"

Rashford's mural was vandalized in Manchester, but soon covered by a number of endearing messages from fans Rashford's mural was vandalized in Manchester, but soon covered by a number of endearing messages from fans Rashford shared letters received from children and fans, and displayed a photo of Withington's mural, filled with endearing messages covering the racist attacks. He was also candid about the missed penalty and admitted he was lacking in confidence after a difficult season.

I always played on penalties, but something didn't feel right. During the long walk, I was saving a little time and unfortunately, the result was not what I wanted. I felt like I let my teammates down. I felt like I let everyone down.

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